Polymer Specific Masterbatch

The perfect match of polymer and colour

Whilst Universal Masterbatches offer convenience and can be used across a range of materials, Polymer Specific Masterbatch delivers improved compatibility and frequently results in lower colouring costs.

Plastiserve can quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively colour match to any RAL, Pantone or other specified colour and supply Polymer Specific Masterbatch solutions.

We can supply these in small lots, making this an option no matter how large or small your job. This complements our small lot service for Universal Masterbatch, Additives and Polymers.

If you're looking for PE or PVC masterbatch then we may already have a formulation that would work for you. These may be available off-the-shelf or with a much shorter lead time. Browse our PE & PVC masterbatch colour charts. We'll be adding PA, POM & ABS charts soon.

For all other materials including ASA, EVA, Polycarbonate, Polypropylene, Polystyrene, SAN, Nylon and PBT masterbatch, as well as our brand new ranges of PLA and caprolactone masterbatches, call us on 0330 043 2759.

We can also tailor polymer specific masterbatches to include additives such as UV Stabilisers and Slip Agents for a single dose solution to improve process efficiency and the properties of finished products.

S.T.Materials Buyer 


Plasticolour reduced our cost per unit by 4-5p per unit and significantly reduced our scrap rate by suggesting and delivering a solution to a particularly difficult polycarbonate pigment burn-out issue.