A tale of faded glory. 

Recently, while on holiday in the Canary Islands, a member of the Plastiserve team came across some outdoor restaurant furniture which clearly had not stood the test of time in the hot Canaries sun.

Not only had the colour faded badly but the polymer had become severely oxidised and some had cracked and broken quite badly too. 

Whilst high levels of UV in direct sunlight will have an effect on most plastic materials, the effect can be drastically reduced by using the right mix of high light-fastness pigments and a combination of UV stabilisers and other additives. This is quite common when making stadium seating for example. It is also worth noting - as you can see from this next photograph taken by one of us whilst on a trip to Dublin - that this isn't just an issue for warmer climates.

Plastiserve can help you to achieve very good results by working with our colour lab partners to formulate colour masterbatch products that not only use high light-fastness pigments but also deliver the ideal combination of UV stabilisers and other ´╗┐´╗┐additives to give maximum protection to your mouldings in a single, easily dosed masterbatch solution. This can be tailored according to the location and use of the end product.

Our experience having worked on projects for moulders who deliver products used all around the world means we understand the problems sunlight can cause and will work with you to help you reduce them in a simple and cost-effective way.

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